​We summed up our ICO and want to thank all the participants for their invaluable contribution to the development of our project.

​For 77 days we sold 9 million tokens, in our system PM7 Platform 1,312,307 users from all over the world have registered! We charged $ 66,862,388 bonuses! Its unbelievable !! The PM7 Platform has proved to be an amazingly effective marketing tool, giving pure organic traffic to the project and allowing users to earn!

​The total amount collected for ICO funds was $ 2M in the Seed phase and more than $ 200,000 in dollar equivalent from the buyers of our tokens. Despite the fact that this figure is less than expected, we fulfilled our main goal: we saw that the PM7 Platform is working, users are working in it and earn, trust and want to invest their funds in its development! It is your contribution to us that is much more valuable than the contribution of large investors, since the PM7 Platform was developed as an affordable tool for everyones earnings!

​Today we are ready to answer the question: "And what is next?".

  • As we promised, we fixed the number of tokens sold and will burn the rest.

  • All the tokens you bought are unheld and you can withdraw them to your ETH wallet

  • With this PM7 Platform continues to work as usual. We have launched the marketplace and are already ready to list ICOs. Here you can view, share and donate ICO using our tools, very soon we will add projects on which users can earn. So, how they earned on the project PM7 ICO.

  • You can add projects to the PM7 Marketplace yourself. To do this, use your business cabinet. Take advantage of our platform and make sure in its efficiency!

  • In spite of the fact that we did not collect the amount required for the full implementation of our roadmap, we decided to continue development at our own expense and focus on creating our full-fledged distributed crypto exchange. We are already developing it and will finish regardless of the amount collected for ICO funds.

  • In connection with the development of the exchange, we decided not to place our token on other exchanges at the moment, as this will significantly reduce its value at this stage. We want to protect the potential income of the holders of the tokens, so we will back up its cost with a successful project of its crypto exchange, place its own token there and you will be able to sell it there at a much higher price than if you did it now on other exchanges

  • Despite this, you can always exchange your PM7 tokens on services like EtherDelta, if you do not want to wait for the exchange to start. However, we recommend that you hold your tokens and earn much more revenue in a few months, when our stock exchange will be launched.

​Follow the updates on our website and stay with us!

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