Income for distribution projects

Income for installing PM7+ app

Bonuses for PM7 Platform services distribution:

​​We are looking for Partners in PM7 project

​​We are looking for Partners in PM7 project

​Advisers, talented Developers, Distributors, Opinion Leaders and all those who are in step with the times.

​You can help any project or ICO campaign by recommending the features of our PM7 platform to them. This will result in explosive growth of users and businesses in these projects.

​You have the opportunity to share information about our PM7+ app with your friends, and they will be the first to learn about interesting projects and products while gaining unlimited income.

​In any case, once you become our Partner, you will always receive income from your recommendations of any of PM7 platform features.

​We do not require advance payments. Payment for our services is carried out only after our partners obtain financial result.

​Our key features for ICO acceleration or business growth of any project:

  • ​PM7+ app with personal content of a partner project
  • ​Market for project placement
  • ​Tools for tracking metrics
  • ​Multilevel referral rewards program
  • ​Payment service for receiving and disbursing cryptocurrency payments and project tokens

​For each corporate client (the owner of the ICO project or any other project) using the capabilities of our marketing affiliate PM7 platform and PM7+ app we pay out Distribution Bonuses to our Distributors. You receive $1000 Installation Bonuses for the registration of a corporate client and $ 20 Installation Bonuses for any of your friends registered in the PM7 platform or installed an PM7+ app at your invitation.

​When a corporate client uses the Platform Services - Market PM7 or PSP, etc. - Distributors earn bonuses from this as from friend of the 1st level with profit in each direction.

​From the users of the Project owner whom he attracted to his site and who installed PM7+ app or registered in the PM7 program for his project, that bonuses are accrued according to the accrual rules for exactly this project. But if these users participate in other projects, then bonuses are calculated according to the general rules.

​You always receive bonuses for the investments or purchases made by the backers of the Project Owner and their friends in any of our other projects (see the rules for calculating bonuses for each offer for all types of bonuses).

​When a corporate client starts using the capabilities of the PM7 platform and PM7+ app for their ICO or any other project, then he personally becomes a friend of your 1st level, and all his users who install PM7+ or register with us will be at your 2nd level of friends and so on until the 7th level of friends.

​All you need is to share information about PM7+ and РМ7 platform by personal acquaintances or through any channels you are using: messengers, letters, social media, text messages, etc.

​The corporate client receives a discount on our services if he uses your promo code or just your recommendation.

​The distributor will see the extended income statistics in his back-office.

​You can see the expected growth of your social network of friends and the possible size of bonuses depending on the number of involved projects and purchases made there at a special calculator to calculate bonuses for our PM7 project:

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  • As soon as your friend installs the app using your link - you both earn bonuses!

  • When your friend’s friends install this product - you will earn bonuses!

  • When friend contributes ICO campaign - you both earn bonuses!

  • When his friends contribute ICO campaign - you earn bonuses!

  • You will always earn bonuses for installs and purchases of your friends and their friends!

  • And that applies up to 7 levels of friends!

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