Income for distribution projects

Income for installing PM7+ app

Bonuses for PM7 Platform services distribution:

Winners of the eighth round are determined!


​​Bonus from the developers of the project! Our team shares its premium tokens!

​Each week starting from December 31, bonuses will be added for sharing and recommending in the form of project tokens to the winners in the following areas:

$7,000 for the number of installations and registrations in the network of attracted referrals.

$7,000 for the amount of real purchases in the network of attracted referrals.

$7,000 for the total volume of purchases in the network of attracted referrals.

$7,000 for the volume of personal purchase.

$7,000 for the number of projects attracted and connected to us.

5 х $70,000 BIG BONUS - in the last week of the ICO campaign (March 4) - we will additionally calculate 5 Big Bonus winners for each of the directions in the form of bonuses - $70,000 bonuses to each.

​All these bonuses will be charged in the equivalent of PM7 tokens at a price of $0.05 per 1 PM7 token (see "BIG BONUS" in White Paper).

​Starting from December 31 every 7th day of the week (on Sunday) at 7 pm GMT - we announce the winner of "BIG BONUS" and send SMS to your number.

​You receive bonuses in PM7 Tokens equivalent.

​Only users who signed up in the PM7 on the website or downloaded the PM7+ application can take part in the "BIG BONUS" bonus program.

​To participate in the program we require you to have 1,000 PM7 tokens on the account - this is not a fee for participation, the tokens remain to you.

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  • When friend contributes ICO campaign - you both earn bonuses!

  • When his friends contribute ICO campaign - you earn bonuses!

  • You will always earn bonuses for installs and purchases of your friends and their friends!

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