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222 countries!

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BTC 11.55
EUR 6,860.18
BCH 1.03
USD 2,007,807
ETH 149.56
LTC 89.31
DASH 1.35

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How PM7 works

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  • Analysis of the Internet advertising market
  • Development of system concept and architecture
  • Development of SDK for iOS/Android (alpha version)
  • PM7+ application for iOS/Android


  • Develop a web platform for users and project owners
  • Development of crypto-PSP for receiving investments to ICO in cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC)
  • Development of PM7 smart contract, issuing PM7 token
  • ICO preparation
    • developing marketing strategy
    • involving advisers
    • preparing documentation (White Paper, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, etc.)
    • developing the ICO website
    • PR campaign
  • Launching ICO PM7


  • Integrating PM7 token into cryptocurrency exchanges
    • Exmo
    • Hitbtc
    • Tidex
    • Liqui
  • Developing iOS/Android/Web SDK
    • adding of new metrics
    • debugging and testing
    • improvements to UI/UX
  • Development of PM7 Blockchain Explorer for platform net and events visualization
  • Development a community chat of platform users
    • concept development
    • architecture planning
    • backend development
    • frontend development
    • testing
    • integration into the platform
  • Issuance of Visa/MasterCard cards for cryptocurrency payments
    • Integration of the Visa/MC API provider
    • technical and organizational preparing of infrastructure for PCI DSS certification
    • debit cards issuance
  • Adding the possibility to pay bonuses as tokens of projects in the system
    • system configuration for calculating bonuses in the form of project tokens
    • finalization of the user web-area
    • customization of the user web-area in the mobile application
    • iOS/Android/Web SDK updates
  • Integration of PM7 with other types of projects (telecom, betting, online games) and offline businesses
    • development of tools for the integration team
    • development of tools for the user support team
    • system scaling
    • setting up the system for different markets
  • Creating own exchange for the possibility of making personal transactions between users in the crypto currency and project tokens, using trading analytics tools and signals from experienced traders
    • development and launch of own trading robot and creating of trading strategies, trading by our team of market makers
    • launching own software in the ATM network (ATMs) for instant input/output of crypto currency and project tokens all over the world
  • Development of iOS/Android mobile applications for the world MLM market PM7
  • Application for a license in the US
  • Receiving of the Fund managing and broker-dealer licenses to work with unaccredited fiat investors


  • Broker-dealer license in the US
  • Start of the tokens sale in the US

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Owners of PM7 tokens

always earn revenue from unlimited platform growth.


Projects owners

ICO boost
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Distributors of platform services

earn bonuses for involvement projects to PM7 Platform


Users (Agents)

  • Receive bonuses for distribution of PM7+ app and distribution of information about different services (telecommunications, sale of tokens, gaming, betting, etc.), ICO campaigns and other types of projects.
  • They will receive income from distribution of the PM7 Platform services for other projects (see the Partnership offer).

Project Owners

  • They will receive an unlimited increase of users and investors participation in their projects, thereby increasing the amount of involved ICO funds.
  • They will receive income from personal distribution of PM7+ app.
  • They will receive income from distribution of the PM7 Platform services for other projects (see the Partnership offer).
  • They will receive an income after their own ICO, which their users in other projects continue to generate.
  • All users will remain forever in the network of our Partner.

PM7 owners

  • They receive a commission from the revenue generated automatically by their volume of PM7 events in the Premium account of the platform when distributing information about ICO campaigns and other system projects which lead to purchases or investments in these projects.
  • They will receive income from the mathematically guaranteed growth of PM7 token price.
  • They will receive income from personal distribution of PM7+ app.
  • They will receive income from distribution of the PM7 Platform services between other projects (see the Partnership offer).

Platform service distributors

  • You can become our platform Services distributor. Tell your friend how we can accelerate their business.
  • We will pay you Distribution Bonuses – additional partner commissions for each area of our platform activity.
  • All users of the projects you bring to us will become your friends of 2nd level.
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