Let’s grow your business together

The market of apps is extremely competitive and it’s not enough to bring the best services and quality. PM7 encourages users to stay with you and moreover, recommend your app to their friends.

PM7 offers a flexible platform for rewarding your users with bonuses. Bonuses will be sent for completing certain actions in the app. You choose how and when you should reward users - when installing the app and sharing it with friends, or when making purchases, or all together.

Being rewarded, users will keep using your app and receive even more for recommending it to friends.

PM7 platform lets you:

  • grow your audience organically
  • increase retention rate and loyalty
  • significantly save costs for advertising on the web
  • track and analyze the full stats of users’ actions
  • stay ahead of the competitors

Reward your users with bonuses so that they return to spend them in your app. Again.